A Happy Place

Rainbow Ranch

Mornin’ Moonbeam Babies…
Was cruisin’ down a country road with a bestie the other day…and came across this sign. We both smiled and we’re glad we had our Canons in tow. One of those “have to pull over and shoot” kinda moments.
Here’s to finding that elusive pot of gold…whoop…whoop!

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Thought for the Day: Screw Technology

boom box 1
Mornin’ my marvelous Mac moguls,
I have a love/hate relationship with technology. When I’m saying hello via e-mail to a friend in Italy…I think the tech world outrageously rocks. When I’m fighting (a losing battle) with finicky Photoshop, I suddenly want to drop-kick my Mac across the room. The dapper dude above seems to have it all figured out…all I can say is he must have a killer left bicep. When it comes to the tech world…I say, do it your way.
keep tappin’ cyber soldiers!

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Finding Your Inner Weird

monkey boy
Good morning fellow fans of Jane Goodall, King Kong, and Planet of the Apes,
This strange image makes me down-right happy. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with this kid for having the balls to wear this get-up in public, or his parents who were secure enough to let little Johnny embrace his inner weird. Gawd, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could feel free enough to wear whatever the hell we wanted when hitting Safeway to pick up a quart of milk. I shake my head when I see people sporting pj’s and slippers in aisle 5….when secretly I think I’m just jealous that they have a heavy dose of chutzpa and I don’t.
What would you wear in Costco if you didn’t give a damn? I’d prance thru the front door wearing a frilly tutu, furry halo, and a set of sparkly wings. Man life is cool huh?
Keep swinging my lil’ monkeys,
yoga angels 173

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My Latest Obsession

Happy Saturday my Sensational Stargazers!
Looking for new music?….me too. If you’re of fan of Adele…you might really dig Paloma Faith. Recently caught her on an episode of Chelsea Lately, googled her…and fell in love. This gal has soul down to her toes. Her lyrics make you think…just love when that happens.
wishing you whirlwinds of wonder,

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The Get Along Shirt

get along shirt
Wonder if they make these for married people?

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Thought For The Day

Prepare for Take-Off
Evil is boring. Cynicism is idiotic. Fear is a bad habit. Despair is lazy. Joy is fascinating. Love is an act of heroic genius. Pleasure is our birthright. Receptivity is a superpower.
Cast a love spell on yourself my lucky lil’ leprechauns!
Boisterous Hugs to you…Cindy

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A Lil’ Love Splurge

Good Morning my fellow love warriors…

I fell into a deep sleep last night and suddenly woke with the north star staring me straight in the eyes. My sweet twinkly companion calls to me on clear nights and brings with her notes from the curious cosmos. She came calling with angels in tow, a planetary message of love pinned to one of her luminous points.

Occasionally angels stop by my pad with messages of love for other souls. I don’t think I’m more insightful than the average bear, and even though I know the way to San Jose…I have no idea which golden road leads to heaven’s gate. I’ve never been sprinkled with holy water in a house of God, and I couldn’t begin to tell you the difference between the old and new……testament that is. I think the winged warriors added me to their secretarial pool because I take good dictation and deliver messages in a timely manner….simple as that.

They came bearing a message of luscious love;

Love is the substance and essence of your being. It’s the medium in which you live and breathe. It’s your highest goal, your farthest reach, your most passionate quest. Conscious loving is a portal to profound joy and compassion…it’s your soul’s true destination. Your ability to understand this is recognized by your higher power.

Your angels bow to you often…and smile wing to wing when doing so.

As you clear space to “lay out your map”, remember the journey is designed to be a mystery. Moving from your head into your heart will lead you to your destination effortlessly. Your internal golden compass, your brilliant heart, will guide you to the “promised land”….that elusive spot you yearn for.

Search out others with your energy, those with the same mystical invisible pulse. Your heart will begin to throb with joy as you expand your repertoire of love. Remember love is a miracle…not a project to be worked on. Things that move us deeply are gifts not endeavors. When love spontaneously appears, just let it in and watch it bloom.

Remember that praise refashions the soul, and inspires the creation of an even finer human being. It washes away hurts and deepens our bonds of connection. Continue to use your words artfully, it’s an innate divine gift.

Trust the plan, without knowing the answers. Embrace the questions with playful amusement and delve into the void instead of filling it. There are no extra points doled out in the end for arduous struggle. By surrendering you may find yourself outside of this world into something more grand, more splendid than you ever imagined. Let your mind set lose from its gears and increase your odds of falling towards the miraculous.

Practice an elegant kind of daring by letting go. Empty your vessel so breathtaking transformations and astounding miracles can land on your lap.

Continue to fight for power in all the right ways and let gratitude pour out of every sacred cell.

My feathery friends shared these poignant thoughts, and off they flew.

I guess John, Paul, George, and Ringo had it right when they said…”All you need is love”.

Love by leonard

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Remember Me?

Yoo Hoo my lovelies…I’m back. I took an unexpected blog sabbatical and woke up this morning with the urge to return. Not sure why my typing fingers suddenly went on strike…I think I needed to shut out the the world for a bit.

Here’s some latest ramblings…

I watched an interesting film called “Hesher” last night… a quirky drama/comedy about coming to grips with pain and heartache. The message was to value what you have in life, and not to forfeit yourself while grieving. It was a touching and poignant reminder for me.

I’m currently caught in a tiny web of fear. The last six years has taught me to sit quietly in the silk threads of discomfort. I admit, I still initially wiggle a bit, and then remember “the struggle” is what got me tangled up in the first place. Sort of like a gold chain that get’s knotted in a jewelry box… sometimes we need to walk away, only to find the twisted metal magically untangle after a short rest. I’m quietly resting in a sticky uncomfortable web right now. I remember…this too shall pass….and return. The currents of life bathing us with sorrow and joy when we least expect it.

For me a deep breath and fresh perspective help unwind life’s mysterious complications. I suppose that’s why I’m so drawn to yoga. The hot room reminds me to stay in the moment while trusting the process. The key of course, is to practice each pose free from all judgement…especially when a posture looks downright crappy. That’s a tough one for me…I can play judge, priest, and devil’s advocate better than an over-bearing mother and neurotic nanny rolled into one. The yoga somehow quiets the noise that rents space in my head….my job is to remember that I have the power to evict all brain babble.

I like this affirmation I came across the other day:

I kick my own ass and wash my own brain.
I push my own buttons and trick my own pain.
I burn my own flags and roast my own heroes.
I mock my own fears and cheer my own zeroes.

Nothing can stop me from teasing my shadow.
I’m full of empty and backwards bravado.
My wounds are tattoos that reveal my true beauty.
I turn tragic to magic and make bliss my duty.

I honor my faults till they become my virtues.
I play jokes on my nightmares
till I’m sure they won’t hurt you.

I won’t accept gifts that infringe on my freedom.
I shun sacred places that stir up my boredom.
I change my name daily, pretend to be nobody.
I fight for the truth if it’s majestically rowdy.

Gravity fucks me and I fuck it back.
The sun is my sex slave, the moon smokes my crack.
I pump up my laughter with idiot laughter.
I’m living happily, in love ever after.

I brag about what I can’t do and don’t know.
I take off my clothes to those I don’t know.
I’m so far beyond lazy, I work like a god.
I’m totally crazy; in fact that’s my job.

Hope you’re day dreaming of strawberry fields forever….while saying “ahhhhh” in your softest tone. 😉

I Can Fly Poem 173

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Musical Beds

Do you ever feel like you’re living in your pet’s world instead of your own? I’m about ready to crawl onto the floor and get into one of their beds just to get a good night’s sleep.

Who's bed


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Titu’s Jungle Tree House

See what Titu, the zany traveling cat has been up to lately. Stay tuned more kitty escapades coming soon! Meow….

Titu's Jungle #2

Titu's Jungle #3

Titu's Jungle (blk:wht) 173

Titu's Jungle Tree House (173)

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