happenins’ in the studio

"Bird On A Tree" watercolor

sketch by Rocco Pastore

 A couple of days have passed, and I haven’t shared my latest creations with you…so here you have it. The watercolor bird was actually a black and white sketch my special friend Rocco created. I made a copy on watercolor paper and was fooling around with color. Rocco is a mixed-media abstract genius, who is a master with color and creativity. He truly is a wonderful person that I have known for almost 30 years. We lost touch for a few years after he moved out of state, and I am so thrilled to have him back in my life and living fairly close by. He and I are going to be working on some collaborative pieces starting next week, I’ll be sure to show you what we come up with. 

Rocco’s work is compelling and has an unusual meditative quality to it. I am lucky to have one of his acrylic paintings proudly hanging in my bedroom next to my bed. This particular piece is from his Mother Nature Series, and it’s titled “Show Me Respect”. When I wake up in the morning, I often take my meds and go back to bed for 20 minutes until they kick in. I open the blinds and the first bit of daylight dances on Rocco’s painting. He often uses gold hues in many of his pieces which magically catches the light. I lay there and watch my painting shimmer and move almost like water. It’s a beautiful time to say a prayer and start my day. Below is a foto of my beloved painting. Be sure to check out Roccos website and etsy store to enjoy his creative talents: http://rochpastore.com and http://artattract.etsy.com

Painting by Rocco Pastore

A wonderful man named King celebrated his birthday this week and I painted this fun watercolor and made a card for him. He is married to a forever friend and kindred soul that I met way back in the 7th grade! The painting below is called “Long Live The King!”

King loves wine...gave him a nice glass of Merlot.

I was feeling kind of silly tonight and did a few animal sketches and colored them in with watercolors. I have three more to finish, and I thought they would make a sweet  line of cards.  Going to call the line “Talk to the Animals”.  That’s it for now…stayed tuned  for more come!

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