art, art, and more art

The start of a new week, and more rain. Did I say I love the rain a few days ago? Let me clarify that….I love the rain in spurts. Not sure if I could survive life in beautiful Oregon or gorgeous Washington…too much rain starts to put me in a funk.

Had a non-stop weekend filled with, yep you guessed it…art! Sunday was a follow up day with two of  the three original Artsy Chicks (we missed Denise, she was in Arizona having some fun). We all got together to finish our beeswax covered wood projects. The two Janices did more than step up to the plate…they both hit a homerun! Just take a peek at their beautiful work!

Janice and Janice (really!) hold up their amazing pieces! WooHoo!

Jan created this soulful piece for her Sis..check out these yummy colors!

 Let me tell you, this two were totally hands on and willing to learn and try anything. They spent their day glueing, cutting, hammering , drilling, waxing, and coming up with wonderfully whimsical and creative ideas…true artists at heart. I couldn’t have been more impressed or proud of their finished pieces! Awesome job gals!

Saturday was spent with my pal Rocky. I purchased a 2×2″ panel for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Quilt Project, and Rocky is helping me with design ideas. The quilt will be similar to the Aids Quilt, it will travel from event to event raising money and awareness on PD. I feel truly honored to have the opportunity to be a small part of this project. It you would like more information on the project or on Parkinson’s disease go to  They are an amazing organiztion that is truly dedicated to helping people whose lives have been affected by this disease.

I am getting so excited, some of you already know I will be in the Spring edition of Studios magazine! I received an e-mail from the editor today, saying that the magazine will be on the shelves and for sale on February 23rd! This wonderful magazine is jam packed with colorful photos and stories of amazing art studios from all across the nation. It is a blast to see how other people set up their work space, how they organize, and also the role art plays in their lives. This is the sort of magazine you would never think about tossing! Cloth Paper Scissors and Studios zines are keepers, you will find yourself referring back to them again and again. You can find both magazines at Michaels and Joannes craft stores, and also online. If you would like to preorder a copy of Spring Studios, just click this link:                           Studios, Spring 2010 (Pre-Order) – Interweave.

You might even get it a little earlier than the 23rd.

Words of Wisdom for the day:  To dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are.

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3 Responses to art, art, and more art

  1. nice articles you have here, thank you for putting your time into it!

  2. Maggie says:

    Cindy! I was so excited to meet you today! Thanks so much for the beautiful bookmark! I already have it in the book I’m reading about zombies and voodoo in Haiti! I just started a blog, so I’m going to put you as one of my links. So far, it’s just you and Lauren 🙂
    Hope you all enjoyed Alebrijes, and hopefully, I’ll see you soon.

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