what’s happening in the studio

I thought I would post a few new paintings for you to peek at. You might have noticed I closed down my website, and have moved my artwork to my Etsy store….my apologies for not getting all of my pieces posted as of yet…we’re getting ready to move one more time….believe me this will be the last time for a very long time. Our current home was temporary until we found our dream house….we did and I am thrilled. I’ll keep you posted on upcoming details. I will be expanding my blog site a bit, probably include a gallery page and a few extra fun pages. I was starting to feel like I was spread out and I have been wanting to streamline things for quite some time. 

I will also be posting about 10 or 12 original pieces on Etsy…so keep a look out for them. It’s a bit time-consuming to enter each image, but I will try to get everything posted very soon! Thank you so much for your patience and ongoing support! 


Gardening Angel 2


A Gardening Angel


March Madness


Peace Within Your Heart


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2 Responses to what’s happening in the studio

  1. DeDe Goff says:

    Cindy ~ I love your new painting “Peace Begins Within The Heart” <3The Power Of Prayer…so so true.

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