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Studio Surprises

Ready to see a few new pieces? Enjoy and I hope you see something that brightens your day!

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What’s Happenin’ in the Studio

Hi guys! Yes, I’m still around…once again busy with art, moving and life. For those of you who feared I didn’t survive my first colonoscopy, or thought I went AWOL….no worries I’m still kickin’! However, I had a little unexpected … Continue reading

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The Dreaded Word

 Some of you will totally relate to this blog…..some of you won’t (yet)…..but I guarantee all of you would rather not hear the “dreaded word”. This word needs to be said fast…if you don’t cringe after I say it , you’re either weird, kinky, or … Continue reading

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Didn’t Make The Hit Parade

Good Morning art lovers! I’m getting ready to hit the art table, my agent has some requests and it’s going to be an artfest for the next few days…thought I would say hello before I turn into an art elf. … Continue reading

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Art For A Great Man

Most of you know I have Parkinson’s Disease, and was unexpectedly diagnosed with it over three years ago. I had begun to lose mobility in my right hand, and it became increasingly difficult to write even a simple thank you card. I also … Continue reading

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