Didn’t Make The Hit Parade

Good Morning art lovers! I’m getting ready to hit the art table, my agent has some requests and it’s going to be an artfest for the next few days…thought I would say hello before I turn into an art elf. I was pondering on what I wanted to write about today, and I thought it might be fun to show you some pieces that never made it to the “Hit” list…..those poor lost pieces that didn’t make the cut. I was going through my bins of artwork the other day and came across these pieces that actually made me smile~ so here goes:  

This was a huge piece...4x4'. I painted over it, and got paint all over the wall in the process. Actually kinda like it now!


Silly Mood, Silly Piece! Good saying though! 🙂


Her little bottom cracks me up.....gotta love these words too! I am a big fan of dreaming!


I don't think I would get much rest in this cabin....wow!


My very first piece! I called him Mr. Party Hat....I thought he was hilarious...no one else did! Somehow I lost track of my beloved party animal, until 3 mos. ago! I think we sold him at one of our many garage sales, and somehow he ended up at a local thrift store. Emma and I were driving home, and I compulsively stopped at this little thrift store, and of course she groaned and sat in the car. I almost died when I saw Mr. Party hat hangng on the wall! I have always said, "An artists worst nightmare is to see a piece of your work at a thrift store!" I snatched it off the wall, and paid a whopping $2.50 for my own piece of work! When I got in the car, Emma said,"Did you find anything?" When I pulled out Mr. Party Hat, we both almost fell out of the car from laughing. She thought it was a total riot, and so did I. She laughed even harder when I asked the store clerk if I could get it for a dollar cheaped and he said yes! So much for fame and fortune~ Mr. Party Hat now proudly hangs in my studio, and will never be sold again! He has traveled far and wide and made it back home to me!


Never did care for this one...poor little guy.


She was supposed to look thoughtful and deep. She ended up looking mean, like she could kick my butt. Pretty Girls aren't scrappy .....they have peaceful hearts. If I ever do a "Snarky Girls line, this little number will be the leader of the pack!


So there you have it…a little stroll down memory lane. I love being 50 years old now……you allow yourself “do-overs” without blinking an eye! Well, I better put on my elf hat and get to work. Have a Mr. Party Hat kinda day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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2 Responses to Didn’t Make The Hit Parade

  1. Kristen says:

    Your Mr. Party Hat story had us laughing so hard this morning! Thanks for the giggles!

    • OMG K! it was the funniest darn thing! Emma always hated that painting…she said he looked like a real “Creeper”. Funny thing is I never go to that thrift store….it’s not one of my haunts! It was total synchronicity to say the least. I had to do a double take when I saw Mr. Party Hat up on the dingy wall! Mr. PH was sharing space with a group of velvet boxer pups playing poker, and a poster of Luke from Star Wars. A real classy joint! An arteest dreams of showcasing their work in a perfectly lit gallery in lower Manhatten, and my first gig is at a place that is sandwiched between a cowboy bar and a liquor/donut store. Really! no joke. I always say start your day with a jelly-filled and chase it with a can of Bud Light, and BAM!….you’re ready to start your day! Cheers! hic…cup

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