A Few Of My Favorite Things

I love when Oprah has her “favorite things” show each year. It’s fun to hear which products other people are into, plus I love a good recommendation! I thought I would post a few of my faves, feel free to tell us some of yours! Here some of mine:

Sorry for the blurry photo, I took these shots late last night and the lighting was really poor. Anyhow I am crazy in love with this foundation. I am one of those gals who is on the continual hunt for the perfect jeans, purse, and foundation.  My criteria for the ideal foundation is: good coverage without being heavy or greasy, does not accentuate fine lines…. especially around the eye area~ eek, that’s the worst! My very favorite thing about this foundation is the application tool…it’s a mini paint roller!!…sometimes referred to as a brayer in the art world. It’s so quick and easy, and creates the perfecft soft finish. The coverage is perfect, and it  also makes life so much easier if you have mobility issues with a hand. It’s priced under $14., lasts at least 3 months, has a nice variety of tints to choose from. Plus it doesn’t cause breakouts! Love it!

Loreal True Match Roller Foundation

The next wonderful item is a fragrance called Eden, by a company called TokyoMilk. I happened to spot it a few months ago when I was browsing in a trendy little boutique downtown. I’m not sure if the big dept. stores cary it. You might have to Goggle it in order to find it in your area. They are quite a few scents to choose from, and they were all divine! It was hard to narrow it down to just one. I treated my dear gal pal to a bottle too, and she loves hers also. The  collection of scents are all fresh, clean, feminine, and perfect for those hot summer days. I keep mine in the fridge and spritz it on a couple of times a day to keep smelling pretty. It’s refreshing when it’s cold, and it’s convenient! I also keep inexpensive body sprays in the fridge, the scented water types you get for six bucks at Wal-Mart.  I even spritz our pooch sometimes! Not near the eyes and just a tiny bit. Cools him off, and he smells pretty too 🙂 $27. for 1 oz. with spray top

Eden Parfume by ToykoMilk

If you like to pack a high protein snack with you when you are on the go, I just found a perfect one thanks to a recommendation by a best bud. It’s a Target Brand called Market Pantry. It’s a 1.76oz.. nutrition bar with 14g. of protein. Each flavor is very tasty, my fave is the  dark chocolate caramel pecan….totally delish! One bar is 200 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. The protein keeps you full and satisfied and the price is right!  I bought a box of six bars on sale for only $3.49.

Market Pantry Nutrition Bar (Target brand)

I think going green is very cool! I love the recycled decorated bags you can get at the checkstand for less than $2.! I keep quite a few in my trunk, and I use them for everything! Marshalls has the nicest ones. Cute artsy designs, with double stiched stiched handles…very durable and will hold a ton of stuff. The one below is one of my  favorite one! I love the trees and especially the artsy words. I bought this at Joanne’s arts and crafts store for only$1.99. I have five of them…they also make fun gift bags 🙂

Joanne's Go-Green bags at every register...only $1.99!

Okay this may seem like a weird one, but I swear by it! Mine has brought me a series of good luck! A contract with a gift company, moving next week to a wonderful home, and money flowing into my life a bit more easily. It will only run you about a $1.60 and it can be found at most grocery stores. I bought mine at Food For Less. When you look at the selection of these candles, be sure to get the one with Mother Mary on it. I think her feminine energy is incredibly powerful , especially at this time on our planet. With so much war, anger, and sadness right now, I feel like the planet is in desperate need of female healing energy. Give it a shot, and let me know if magic starts to appear in your life!

Mother Mary candle at most grocery stores...even the dollar store

 Hey gang, I am falling asleep at the computer…I do have some more fun products to share with you, but I am hitting the sack now. I’ll be back very soon to post the rest. Sweet dreams my friends~

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