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A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words

  Most of you know that I’m in love with art, however you might not know that I also have a love affair with photography. My relationship with the camera began a few years back, right after I planted my first … Continue reading

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Thank Heaven For Little Girls

  Almost immediately after giving birth, the first thing you hear from loved ones is…..”Enjoy every second with your child, it will go by so fast.” I remember rolling my eyes by the seventh or eighth time I heard this, however all … Continue reading

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What’s Five Pounds, Has Pink Lips, and Looks Like An Ewok?

  The answer is…Mikey……a fluffy ball of love!    Yes, he really is this cute! Mikey is a Lsasa Apso and we are still trying to pronounce it correctly. He’s our new baby and we adore him…all of us except his big brother. When asked … Continue reading

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