What’s Five Pounds, Has Pink Lips, and Looks Like An Ewok?

Mikey DeLuz~low man on totem pole....but doesn't seem to care.


The answer is…Mikey……a fluffy ball of love!  

 Yes, he really is this cute! Mikey is a Lsasa Apso and we are still trying to pronounce it correctly. He’s our new baby and we adore him…all of us except his big brother. When asked what breed Mike is, we causally say “Loosey Oopsey”. People respond with a questioning look and then quickly change the subject. Actually pronouncing Lsasa Apso is a piece of cake compared to the breed of our other dog. Bozzy is a “Petit Bassett Griffon Vandeen”, better known as a PBGV. This is just a fancy word for hound. If you’re wondering what Boz looks like, here’s a shot of him below.   




Boswell DeLuz~A cartoon character in a dog suit.



You’re probably wondering what Boz thinks of his new brother. Well, right now he seems to think Mikey is a royal pain in the neck. He sorta likes him and he sorta doesn’t. Mikey is a relentless pup who wants to play non-stop. Boz on the other hand is a mature 8 year old, who prefers sleeping, loafing and resting.   

Here’s a photo that captures the status of their current relationship. Mikey now understands the phrase, “pecking order”. He also knows proper protocol, which is to graciously bow in the presence of King Boswell. In the photo below, I can hear Mikey saying “At your service your majesty” and Bozz answering in a dry British accent, “Stay out of my food bowl, off my bed, and shut your trap when I am resting.” 



Bozzy to Mikey! "Kid you bother me."


Here are a few more shot’s of Mr. Mikey…….woof woof!   

Mikey's favorite spot! He lies here everyday and enjoys the view...the fountain makes him calm.


Sleeps like this! Told you he had pink lips!


Mikey Sees an Angel!


Mikey loves to hang out in the art studio!





Great sense of humor, he is always cracking up!


Mikey Takes A Break.


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