Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Me and my girl 🙂


Almost immediately after giving birth, the first thing you hear from loved ones is…..”Enjoy every second with your child, it will go by so fast.” I remember rolling my eyes by the seventh or eighth time I heard this, however all those wise people were actually right. Seems like only yesterday that my little girl was drawing unicorns, dancing in a pink tutu, and making towers with Tupperware containers. She now prefers to create beautiful images with a camera instead of crayons, she still dances on a field at halftime (cheerleader with spirit!), and she now prefers make-up and clothes over plastic containers!  Wow…they were right!…… really does go by fast.    


Emma is the light of my life, and I’m very proud to call her my daughter. She is a loving, intelligent, and down to earth girl…..who can make me laugh harder than anyone on the planet 🙂 I admire her ability to stay calm in sticky situations, and also her ability to see past the exterior of people, and see their inner light. Emma has a timeless sense of style and a quiet aire of confidence. She is a graceful girl, who is destined be a wonderful wife, mother, and woman.    

Emma’s laughter is one of my all-time favorite sounds…..and I love to hear it often! She is easily brought to tears when hearing a beautiful song, or watching a touching film, she naturally feels all the colors of life….and does so without fear.     

A girl with a golden heart~


Sure she has young girl moods, and we have our occasional battles, but overall we are incredibly close. Emma is a true sweetheart, who will do wonderful things in her life. She is destined to make all her own dreams come true!

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One Response to Thank Heaven For Little Girls

  1. Kristen says:

    Cindy, what a beautiful birthday tribute to a girl who is clearly gorgeous on the inside and out! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the two of you! 🙂

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