Wow!….Two Posts In One Day!

Hey bloggies, I just wanted to post part 2 of my pics from my stupendous day in Locke spent with fellow artsy chicks Emma and Lauren. We arrived home after 7:oo p.m. wind blown, pooped, and sporting jeans with 6″ water soaked hems! Ahhhh my kinda day. If you want to see some truly awesome shots that Lauren took of our day together, hop on over to her amazing blog at:

P.S. I updated both my home and studio tours…..take a peek!


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2 Responses to Wow!….Two Posts In One Day!

  1. Lauren says:

    Cindy, I love these! I especially love the bar stools, the cat (what’s his name — Frisbee?), the single little door and balcony and the garden gate. Yay! So excited you’ve been bitten by the shutterbug!
    Rock on sista friend, LOL.
    Oh, we can’t get to your updated tours … links go someplace funky, fyi. Can’t wait to see!

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