A Book With Heart

Good News!….I have a new book available for purchase. It’s a uniquel 6×8″ hardcover, that is filled with 35 colorful winged hearts that have their own unique messages.

The title of the book is “The Pretty Heart”, a soulful picture book filled with positive affirmations. An inspirational gift for someone special in your life. Each glossy page showcases a colorful heart. The Pretty Heart hardcover retails for $22. Your order includes a complimentary  4×6″ matching  card. You can purchase a copy of The Pretty Heart book by going to the shopping cart located at:             http://www.cindydeluz.com/HAP-PY-PURCHASES.html

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1 Response to A Book With Heart

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh man, I LOVE my Pretty Heart book so much! Flipping through each page of heartfelt hearts just makes me feel so happy. And the inspirational words I open to are always just the right words for the moment.

    Thank you, Miss Cindy. Love it & Love u.


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