Giddy Up

Puddles! No problem, rubber boots save the day...hip hip hooray!

Last night was spent at a horse show where my daughter Emma was competing in a western event called reining. Horse shows happen come rain or come shine, so there we were walking through mud while freezing our tushies off. Two words….rubber…!

The competitors usually warm up their horses in an outdoor arena, however the ground was so saturated with water, the footing wasn’t safe for horse or riders. Instead they had all the riders warm up in the indoor arena right next to the show area. It looked like the 405 freeway at  5:00 p.m., except the cars were replaced by horses….what a sight!

Here are some photos from the event:


Emma is in the center with the long pony tail...Beep! Beep!

This gal sort of freaked me out...half angel and half devil. Not sure what it all meant.

Hope she has her blinker on!

Whatta riding!

A coat for his coat. woof! woof!

Saddles with bling.....kaching!

Show shirt bling....double kaching! $$$

Love the colors in this one.

What a sweetheart. He was curled up in his mama's arms.

No lie! Plus a hair extension booth!

Heck with the horse...that's me after a massage!

Beauty and the Beauty

Emma and her trainer going over the game plan.

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