Garden Lovelies

Greetings fellow bloggees! I’m still under the weather…weak, cough, headache…the whole enchilada…ugh. I’m  headed to the doc this afternoon, thinks it’s time to bring in the big guns…antibiotics that is. Just realized I’m doing the one finger type right now…I’m off my game, even forgot to take my PD drugs this morn.

I didn’t want to much time to pass without saying hi to you all, think I will post some pics of my outdoor garden project. I have also been working on “Starshine” the hippie beach cruiser bike….she is soooo cute! Raffle tickets are available  on my website, and the tickets are only two bucks each. Who knows, you just might win a brand new bicycle! (updated photos coming soon)

Hope you’re enjoying the spring sunshine and you’re sporting a smile on your face and also in your heART~ Be back soon

Love the vintage look of hydrangeas.

A toadally cool dude.

Morning dew.

Tin blooms are easy breezy.Shazam!

A step in the right direction.Created by a brilliant spider weaver!

Pretty in Pink.

Never too old for pinwheels.

Love the polka dot wing 🙂

for fleurs.

Birdie Condo

Colorful Flutterby.

View form my studio, love the sound of the fountain.

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