A Dream Art Studio

I’m feeling better today! Friday my brilliant doc prescribed some magic pills, along with a bottle of octane powered cough syrup. I’m now starting to see the light at the end of this hacking, sneezing, and achy tunnel. Slept a full nine hours which is double what I normally do on a so-called “good night”.

Today is dedicated to “Starshine” the hippie bike, in fact I think I’m going to paint her in the backyard today. I have a big umbrella I can nest under, and I’ll be able to hear the birds singing and the fountain humming. The dogs love when we spend time in the yard, especially Mikey. He turns into a wild man and starts racing around like a jack rabbit. He loves to chase the water coming out of the hose when I’m watering the flowers…very funny! Here are some recent shots of Mr. Michael J. Fox…Mikey for short 🙂

Mikes hair getting long...time for a spa appt.!

I like his bangs this length...you can see his cute eyes! Yes, he has pink lips 🙂

This afternoon I worked a bit on a commissioned piece, not sure what it’s titled yet. Here’s a couple of pics of the  progression:

Soft colors~ sage, pink, brown, and pale blue

Here it is again a little further along. Title ideas are welcome!

I saw this magical dwelling online yesterday and fell in love with it! I want one soooooo bad, Just bigger with air conditioning, running water, stereo system, and small fridge…..and maybe a tiny bed for nap time. A dream come true art studio. A gal’s never too old to have her own playhouse is she? Check it out here: Cozy Cottage   Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday and a great week ahead!

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One Response to A Dream Art Studio

  1. Lauren says:

    So glad you’re feeling good enough to get outside with Starshine! I think I’m gonna find a nice little area of shaded lawn and stay there ALL day, too. Can’t wait ’til you’re all better! xo, L

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