Mother’s Day Country Style

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mama’s Day filled with love and laughter. Mine was just the way I like things, low key and peaceful. Instead of spotting the clock on the nightstand this morning, I saw a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. My kind-hearted man had quietly placed them there when I was sleeping. Getting flowers never gets old…..I think I love it more now than I did when I was younger.

Sweet Emma Rose gave me a special butterfly card, along with an adorable silver heart pendant….I adore both. I felt loved, appreciated, valued, and most of all utterly blessed to have a family of my own. Being a mom is one of the dearest things in my life. Emma is truly the light of my life…. her spirit is forever part of my heart and soul.

Terry, Emma, and myself spent the early morning hours at a horse show and afterwards ended up at a funky fun diner for breakfast afterwards. We laughed, ate, came home and took naps with our furry babies. ahhhh…a perfect day.

Here’s a peek at my awesome day~

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2 Responses to Mother’s Day Country Style

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow, Emma sure does country well. Can’t wait to watch her ride one of these days! So natural.

    I love these photos because they really show you were having a great day. So bright and relaxed. And, of course, I’m so glad the food photography obsession is rubbing off on you! *insert wicked laugh here.* Now we can both be the weird girls in our restaurant booth shooting our food for an hour. Oh wait, that already happens.

  2. Carrie Lee says:

    That is the EXACT necklace i got for my first Mothers Day 12 years ago!! I dont think it has ever left my neck other than during hospital stays and childbirth. I am glad you had a good Mothers Day! Love the pictures!

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