Art Studio Adventures

Me and my sympatico art-addicted friend Lauren, held up in my art studio for two days straight. We stayed up way too late, ate multi-colored popsicles, grooved to Adele tunes, and made some very cool artsy things! We did stop periodically for Skinny Lattes, grilled cheese sammies, dog wrestling, fresh air breaks on the swinging lounger, and of course pit stops to the potty.

OMG! I fell in love with this piece! Lauren’s magic photos placed on a large wood canvas, and then glazed with beeswax. Created a dreamy piece of soulful art. sigh…

You can see more of Lauren's work at She will soon have an online store where you can purchase her magic photo canvas' as well as photo jewelry. Happy, colorful, make you feel good treasures!!

Look how cute it looks in my studio!! Love it! She wanted to leave it on my wall, but I told her we would make a second one for me!

We also worked with resin…a bit frustrating because it seems to have a mind of its own. Check out some of Lauren’s fun pics of our crafty 48 hour art marathon!

Mikey likes hangin' with the girls.

Best seat in the house.

Michael J. Fox...Mikey for short.

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One Response to Art Studio Adventures

  1. Lauren says:

    LOVE THIS! So much fun, always! Though we were slightly sleep deprived and hopped up on bee’s wax and resin fumes, it was seriously a super relaxing vacation. Thanks for seeing the beauty in my work and always supporting me. You’re a dream. Love, L

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