My Camper Studio

I’m crazy in love with camper…especially vintage ones. Since it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever own my own trailer, I decided to transform my art studio into a pretend camper! It’s still a work in progress, which will eventually include a bedside window with a lake view, and a driver’s window (where my desk sits) that faces a winding road, complete with windshield wipers and a rear view mirror.

Here are a few shots of “The Camper” art studio~

Here's the kitchen, complete with Mike and a microwave!

My art table is located in the pretend "bathroom" area. See the bathroom sink near the "real" window?

I jazzed up the kitchen cabi with hearts.

A Scrabble board under plexiglass for break-time fun.

Silliness on the wall 🙂

1950's jewelry box is perfect for storing art supplies.

Mason jars, clay pots, and an old wooden box adds fun to the art table.

Sentimental Sundries.

Popcorn anyone?

Yahoo, a trailer banner!

A smart rolling pin.

The kitchen window looks out to pine trees and the "Starlite Classic Campground" sign.

Cozy bed for mid-day naps and overnight campers.

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7 Responses to My Camper Studio

  1. Dear Cindy, I can relate as I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42 & had a bilateral mastectomy with lymph nodes removed then went thru chemo. I just had reconstruction May 2nd. One more “fill” then I can have the expanders removed & replaced with implants. It’s been a long journey that took me down a road I never expected. Next year I’ll be 5 years cancer free!
    I LOVE your Camper!!! I’m working on decorating my Craft room. I love whimsical things. Keep up the fanciful artistic decorating. It makes me smile.

    • Hi Rebecca~
      Wow…thanks so much for sharing your amazing story… very inspiring. Funny how the so called tragedies in life often transform us into more enlightened and interesting women. Hats off to you for having the courage of a lion, loved reading your comment!
      P.S. did a bit more to the “camper”…will post more epics soon…stay tuned!

  2. Ingrid says:

    What an amazingly inviting pretend camper studio. I am a lover of small cozy spaces, so this is just my thing. I’ll have an imaginary bowl of popcorn and cup of tea with you there.

    • Sweet Ingrid! Oh how I would love to serve you tea in the “camper”…we could then make artsy things and you could sing to me! What a beautiful time that would be! Sending your big bear hugs with loads of love attached~

  3. Sharon L Smith says:

    Looking so forward to winning that bike!!! It turned out beautifully…………… did your studio!

    • Who knows…you might actually be cruising down the street in this “Hippie” bike before you know it! I just got her a cool bell that rings super loud…going to paint a big daisy on it! Good Luck!

  4. Lauren says:

    So homey, comfortable and playful. So happy you finally have what you’ve been dreaming of ; )

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