The “Camper” Updates

I’ve been having more artsy fun in “The Camper”…..formally known as the art studio. Take a peek:

Found this print at a boutique in Clovis...crazy in love with it!

Special Gifties from L.

Vintage thermos collection is growing.

Lake view from the camper cot. 🙂

Fun events at the Starlight Classic Campground!

A girlie toolbox.

Old canisters make perfect storage containers.

Clay pots make great pencil, pen, and brush containers.

Gotta have pink flamingos in a camper!

Thrift store find makes a great paint thingymajig.

Paper umbrella and colorful banners make looking up fun.

Speedo man cracks me his Burt Reynold's pose, too funny.

Dainty Mexican paper banner blows in the breeze.

Took the closet doors off and slid my desk inside....perfect fit!

One of my favorite words.


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5 Responses to The “Camper” Updates

  1. Maggie says:

    I adore your lake view from the camper. I can’t wait to see the cuteness of this wonderful art room!

    • Hi Mags!
      A little bird told me you get the honors of staying in the “camper”! Got new “veggie” sheets for the camper cot, you’ll love them! You will have the lake view right about your pretty blonde locks. So glad you’re staying…the pups are excited!

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh, C — I don’t think it’s appropriate to answer that on this family friendly blog ; )

  3. Lauren says:

    Where, oh where, did you find the Speedo man?! He may get up and walk out of the camper very soon. Just sayin.’ – L

    • Hey L~
      Is it Speedo man’s 6 pack abs or perfectly coiffed hair that won you over? Looks like I might have to E6000 him to the shelf. No worries, we can share.

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