The World According To Mikey and Boz

Mikey is the young whipper snapper on the left, Boz is the dapper dude on the right

I’m blessed with amazing animals in my life. Perfectly trained pets? No way. Sweet hearted lovies full of endless affection? Yes!

Nothing like a bit of sunshine on the face!

Bozzy knows how to work his copper pennied eyes!

The two special canine souls in our brood are Mikey and Boswell, Bozzy for short. Boz is a seven year old Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen, otherwise known as a PBGV. These animated french hounds are becoming more and more popular in the US, and are sometimes described as cartoon characters in dog suits. Mikey is a spunky one year old Llasa Apso, and is named after my hero Michael J. Fox. At least once a day we address him by his full name, which is usually when he’s being naughty.

There's no hiding from Mikey!


Life Lessons from Mikey:

 1. Play hard…sleep hard.                                                    

 2. Eat plenty…eat plenty.

 3. Cats have sharp claws when provoked.

 4. Always try new things and hope for the best.

 5. It’s better to be looked over, than overlooked. 

Life Lessons from Bozzy:

1. Non-stop napping makes perfect sense.

2. Exercise is over-rated.

3. Snacks are the key to inner happiness.

4. Batting one’s eyelashes works every time.

5. All you need is love.

I can’t imagine a world without animals. They quietly remind us of our humanity, our innate goodness, and our ability to love without fear.


I lost a dear friend two years ago, a brilliant border collie who had wings hidden under his thick black overcoat. I’m convinced he’s now in charge of rainbow scheduling for planet Earth. Keep an eye out for rare double rainbows….Cody can be seen sliding down them on clear days.

P.S. i love u CoCo.

Cowboy Cody Jr.

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