The Eagles Who Live On A Hill

Every now and then I encounter earthly magic….today was one of those days. I had the pleasure of meeting three unique human beings who are perfectly perched on a hill where the eagles soar. This amazing clan radiates warmth, generosity, and peace….and they graciously shared their loving hearts with ours. In a matter of  minutes, I felt as if I had known all three of them forever. Together they form an inseparable triangle, their spirits adding strength and character to each corner. Together they form a family that honors their differences and delights in their similarities.

Their beautiful and peaceful home is filled with light and love, and is carefully dotted with soulful treasures that make a stranger feel as if they have arrived “home”. The keeper of the house is a gorgeous Aussie mix named Lucy. She gently protects her brood and tenderly approaches when her instincts give the green light.

Terry and Micky were both born in Hawaii and together these two die hard fisherman enjoy their innate aloha spirit. It’s makes me smile to see the island connection the two of them share. We sipped iced tea, nibbled on sushi and sweet cherries, and talked non-stop about our personal journeys.

Barbara is a gentle spirited woman whose smile could light up New York City. Her soft voice and kind mannerisms makes one feel like everything is just as it should be. She casually mentioned that she dabbles in paint, and I almost fell over when I spotted one of her stunning floral watercolors… word, wow! No worries, I posted a pic of it below…you’ll see what I mean!

Micky is a strong man, with an insightful spirit. He understands the law of the universe, and freely trusts the wise lessons that Mother Nature has to offer. His respect for his homeland radiates through his beautiful words, and has given him the ability to softly walk tall.

Then there’s Shon! Shon is their brilliant son who is brighter than a jar of lightening bugs on a summer night! I was so thrilled to meet him, and my heart melted when I saw him run towards Terry and wrap his arms around him. We have great lessons to learn from Shon….he knows the secret to life. It took me fifty years to figure out that all that really matters is l-o-v-e…… I’m convinced Shon knew this at birth.

Our two hour visit felt more like two minutes, and I left filled up to the brim with joy. I smiled on the car ride home knowing I have been blessed with eagle friends who live on a hill.

Here are some shots of my magic day~

Micky, Shon and Barbara.

Terry's friend Shon.

Me and Barb.

My new pal Shon.

Girl with the golden heart.

Barbara's beautiful watercolor.

A masterpiece by Shon.

My portrait by Shon ... Love it!

Barbara has her own Starshine.

The family's homemade fairy house (made from a gourd).

It even has a fairy seashell chandelier.

Hawaiian moss, kindly gifted at the end of our visit, now hangs in my garden.

A special gift from Micky: A magical rock and driftwood from Hanamo Bay.

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3 Responses to The Eagles Who Live On A Hill

  1. Hi Cindy – I just found your site, your art and your wonderful story telling abilities. I’m mesmerized and will be back to read, and relax and enjoy what you have to offer. Enjoyed meeting this family, I love the gift of the moss oh and all your photos!

  2. Maggie says:

    What a beautiful family! That gourd is sooooo creative and awesome. I love the little chandelier!

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