It’s A Dog’s Life

I adore animals, especially dogs. Doesn’t matter if they’re big, small, hairy or bald….I’m crazy about all of them! I had tons of fun shooting photos of some beautiful beach dogs while on the coastline. These salty sea dogs must love the beach, because they all seemed to be smiling! Here are just a few of my new furry friends;

These two fellas were taking their owner for a stroll. Named them Mario and Getty.

See her smile? Named her P.D. No, not for Parkinson's Disease....for Phyliss Diller 🙂

This sweet doggie reminded me of my beloved CoCo. Named him CoCotoo.

I named him Linus because he loved his blankie.

Loved this trio! Named them Benson, Bosco, and Biff.

One terrific Terrier! Named her Tiddlywinks.

This guy was an unbelievable swimmer....named him Spitz.

A cool dude sportin' a scarf. Named him Scout.

I named him Harrison just because.

An elegant lass who liked her tummy scratched.

This little sweetheart is named Liberty, she has the soul of an angel. Her proud Mom and Pop rescued her from a race track where she was kept in a cage for hours on end. She loves her new life of freedom on the beach!

Liberty's wonderful parents feel truly blessed to have this amazing dog in their lives. They were extremely warm and gracious and let me takes a few shots. Thanks guys!

Carmel dogs make a good impression 🙂

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One Response to It’s A Dog’s Life

  1. Maggie says:

    Aww, I love this post. I can’t wait until I have a house so I can fill it with puppies! I wish we could take Willy (my parents dog) to the beach sometime. If only St. Louis wasn’t so landlocked!

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