Bird Dogs

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the Lorikeets at Mickey Grove Park in Lodi. These colorful parrots can live up to 30 years of age and boy do they love to make noise. They’re very playful, and aren’t afraid to land anywhere on your body.

These little sweethearts love nectar. Before entering the aviary you’re first asked to clean your hands and you’re then given a small plastic cup filled with a birdie cocktail. Oh yeah, you have to remove all bling, Lorikeets are professional jewel thieves and have been known to swallow a pearl or two.

Inside the aviary there is non-stop spray of cool mist which feels great on a hot day. You’ll also find some rock benches which is the perfect spot to enjoy watching these comical birds. Lorikeets actually remind me of dogs…yes dogs! They like to roll around on the ground and wrestle with each other. They love attention, they’re quite fearless, and they’re insanely curious! Very similar to my puppy Mikey : )

If you live near California’s Central Valley, I highly recommend you make a trip to Mickey Grove Park to see the lovely Lorikeets! tweet…tweet!

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1 Response to Bird Dogs

  1. Sharon L Smith says:

    Cindy……….Thank you for the VERY nice voice mail. I am at work and cannot call you back right away, but I will…………In the mean time, I look forward to the call from you when I win “Starshine”!!! Thanks again….I appreciate that you took the time to call!

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