Where the heck are we?

What do Canon carrying chicks do on a road-trip? Look for weird things to shoot. Highway 99 offered up some photo ops that we just couldn’t resist.

Some gals get giddy over malls and nail salons. My peeps and I whoop whoop when we spy run-down motels, trailer-parks, and giant shoes. (yep, coming soon!)

The next few blog posts will feature some sights from our wild and crazy journey to Palm Springs, CA. Destination: my sister’s place.

We had to pull over when we spotted the Astro Motel. A creepy joint straight out of a 1959 Twilight Zone episode. Here are a few shots of this eery place. NO, we didn’t stay the night here!

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3 Responses to Where the heck are we?

  1. Highway 99, especially Bakersfield, are the apex for weird and rundown hotels. Your vacation sounds so eclectic, and I can’t wait to hear your take on Salvation Mountain. It’s definitely been added to my bucket list (in the “this is kind of creepy but awesome but I might die” category!)

  2. Sharon L Smith says:

    Cool pics……….sounds like a fun road trip!

  3. Lauren says:

    Teehee, love it! I would never have friends who wouldn’t be game for pulling off the freeway to take pictures at a grungy motel. I love you peeps.

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