Tea Totaling Treasure Hunters!

We decided to take our time driving to Palm Springs, which meant turning the long journey into a 2 day affair. This allowed time to scope out some awesome vintage stores. Our first stop was old town Clovis, Ca. A sleepy community that has a true Mayberry rfd feel to it. As you stroll down the streets you expect to see Andy and Barney moseying down the opposite direction.

We rolled into this charming town completely ravished, and quickly found a quaint tea shop to dine in. Here are some shots of our girlie lunch, plus a few antique surprises.

Yes, an Indian with a pet kitty...don't ask.

Wonder why they never smiled back then?Cute lil' Keebler elf.

Me and two new pals!

A sassy diva getting a new do!

Good witch of course!

The many looks of the lovely Ms. Marilyn.

Wish I has a set of huge adjustable wings...sigh.

Hmmm? not sure either? Kinda cute and kinda creepy at the same time.

Gotta love a pink sweeper!

Gotta love a pink hair dryer even more!

Stay tuned for more roadtrip adventures coming soon!

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One Response to Tea Totaling Treasure Hunters!

  1. Ahh, that’s great vintage-y goodness. Also, that thimble is up to no good.

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