Ace Is The Place

I still have a ton of Palm Springs photos that I’ve been wanting to share. One of my favorite things we did was tour some of the “hip” hotels. A place where you might spot a famous face. The only reason I know this is because both my sis and “L” are naturally cool and know about these sort of things. I missed the boat on the cool thing…however I’m a fast learner, and I’m up for anything.

I felt like I traveled back in time when we hit the Ace, circa 1972. This place is one of the “hippest” hotels in Palm Springs if you’re under the age of 25. Okay so I’m double that, but who cares! I had a blast people watching. I love to photograph people, still figuring out a way to be more sly. This is when my iphone comes in handy. A bit less obvious than the chunky Canon.

I’ll post some of the images now, and the rest very soon.

retro urban coolness

Sparse is cool.

2:00 a.m.? Who's up at that time?

Pool Play.

No slides....not cool.

His pony tail is better than mine.

Her figure is better than mine.

Love the palm trees.

Tats work at the Ace.

See more tats!

Wonder if he has tats?

Is that my daughter?

Where's the rose?

More Ace Hotel pics coming soon…stay tuned!

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One Response to Ace Is The Place

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh holy photo cow, do you know how I’ve missed picture posts? Yay — welcome back, I hope you decide to stay. I love your Ace photos, and can’t wait to see the rest. You truly inspire me to go for the people fearlessly. Who cares if they growl or flip me off for sticking my camera in their faces, right? And dude, you do have the cool gene and have been riding that boat forever … were you not on that dance floor this same night?

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