The Magic Of Locke

Last weekend my pal Lauren and I headed to Locke which is a charming town located in the delta of Central California. Locke was founded in 1915 by a group of Chinese occupants who originated from Walnut Grove.

Lauren is a brilliant photographer who sees the planet through unique eyes. I have learned so much about picture taking just from watching her. She’s taught me to move my body instead of moving the subject mater. This seems to make photos more interesting. I have tons to learn, but as I continue to practice I can see my photos telling more of a story nowadays.

I especially enjoyed the community garden which was blooming with amazing sunflowers. The bumble bees were busy spreading the love, and I was thrilled to catch a few of them hard at work! Take a peek at Locke…


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2 Responses to The Magic Of Locke

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  2. Maggie says:

    Cindy, these are so delightful! I really like the picture of the heart in the pavement. Good eye! And the sunflower pics are so summery. Locke is always such a cool place because you find something new every time! Glad that you ladies had a lovely time, and so sad I missed you on Friday. We will have to plan a thrifting day soon!

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