Vintage “Flower Power” Cake

The past few weeks I’ve morphed into a real live art elf jumping from one project to the next. I’m preparing for an upcoming art show, which means most of my free time has been spent in my studio.

Lately I’ve been on the look-out for vintage flower brooches and earrings. I finally collected enough pieces to get started on a fun project called a “Flower Power” cake.

Making a cake-stand was the first step. This was easily done by gluing a crystal candlestick to the bottom of an antique plate. (E6000 glue works great for this) I then glued three round boxes together (from Michael’s Craft Store) and painted the entire “cake” a soft cream color. After I removed the jewelry backings, I glued each bauble onto the cardboard cake with a hot glue-gun. I hoped to have enough jewels to finish the project, however I only made it halfway around. Oh well, collecting treasures is half the fun…..the retro bloom-hunt continues!

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10 Responses to Vintage “Flower Power” Cake

  1. Kristy hughes says:

    Hey, Cin; This is a beautiful creation. It reminds me that Shelby’s wedding bouquet is a spinoff of this same idea; a brooch bouquet for the bride. Can’t wait to see it. She gets married on Oct. 2. Hope you are doing well. All the best,


    • Best Wishes to Shelby and the Regiers…boy I’m starting to feel old! Emma just finished a vintage brooch bouquet, fun project… wedding plans though! Thinking college now…..I better start selling more art, yikes……

  2. Need to get more pins sista love……well you know what that means…more shopping!

  3. Sharon L Smith says:

    Very cool………………..

  4. Maggie says:

    Wow! I was telling Lauren today I haven’t been able to find enough flower pins to even make a headband. I can’t wait to see this. It’s so beautiful and will look perfect in your kitchen!

  5. Michelle says:

    Cindy! This is awesome! I love it! I actually saw something like this recently on HGTV with a mirror and so wanted to try it! You beat me to it! But I think I might try it anyways, I loved the idea and didn’t know if I could pull it off and you did! Miss you! Love ya, EAST COAST gal!

    • Hey Lady~
      What a nice surprise….are the kids in college now? Way too long since we chatted! Hope the Ingrams and Blairs are doing great these days! Hey, you should make cupcakes with the vintage pins…sooo cute!
      Love you lots!

  6. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh — so flipping cool! I had no idea you had so many pins! It looks great!

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