Merman Mojo

Hey gang! What’s more fun than an over the top glittery mermaid… over the top glittery merman! I spotted these sassy ornaments in a shop in San Fransisco. Hmmm….. it’s a tough call to make, but I’d have to say my favorite merman is the doctor. What’s yours?

P.S. Just a heads up……I’ve gone back to using my old website once again. Yes, I’m a certifiable nut case. I tend to obsess over my website, which eventually leads me to jumping ship. The problem is I usually climb back on board the old ship. My apologies for the inconvenience. I’ll keep you in the loop on my wacky whereabouts…wink.

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3 Responses to Merman Mojo

  1. Umm, you girls are crazy! The cowboy is obviously the most handsome in the group! I imagine you’d have a very merry Christmas with these strapping merman around.

  2. Lauren says:

    HAHA … These may be the best finds of the year! I want the whole collection. The doc is my fave too … Where do I get a doc like that?

  3. giggle, giggle,giggle – I like the sailor. Charles has been going to a local gym and working out since he had knee surgery – trying to strengthen the knee and lose weight. He said recently he was thinking about adding water exercises too, each day I ask him were you the merman today? Now, I have a visual to put with that thought!

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