Ode To Leonard

Today’s post ties-in with the Salvation Mountain post that I wrote a couple of days ago. I’m a wanna-be archeologist, a die-hard scavenger, a gal who dreams of wearing khaki shorts and a safari hat. I love to hunt for hidden treasure. I dream of digging for dinosaur bones in southeast Asia, or dusting off artifacts uncovered in Egypt. Those new treasure hunting t.v. shows really float my boat. See, the thing is my idea of a treasure is sometimes confused with trash. I’m just a natural-born recycler. I went “green” before it was even hip.

While caught up in the magic that Leonard Knight created on the mountain, I began to notice amazing treasures lying around. A myriad of forgotten objects that were oozing with Leonard’s energy. I began to form a pile. Luckily I was with the girls and didn’t have to see hubby’s face. After 11 years of marriage…he knows my pile routine. He also knows that the piles are usually stored in our over-crowded garage before they find a permanent home. As my pile grew, I began to wonder how I was going to fit everything into the 4-Runner. Thank God my dearest pal is the finest packer I know. She rivals any man when it comes to packing a car. She rocks with rocks! (my pile included miniature boulders)

I was over the moon when I noticed empty paint cans coated with hot fuchsia, electric blue, and canary yellow paint. Visions of a colorful paint can fence display popped into my busy brain. I can only imagine my hubby’s face if I tried to nail these cans to our back fence. (I don’t think my girly glue-gun would’ve done the trick.) I quickly gave up on that idea.

I’m actually married to the most patient man on the planet…however he does believe I have a problem with clutter, collecting, and redecorating. He’s right. I admit it, I love to change things up. Just follow my blog and you’ll see what I mean. I get bored and switch my blog theme like underwear.

My man has been pushed to the limit this year with the following “Cindy” moments: The day I put up the four-man tent in the dining room….cool fort area I thought. He nearly fainted when he walked into the house and saw that the great outdoors had replaced our eating area. He didn’t get it. Then I moved the living room and family room sofas back and forth four times… whew, kinda heavy. Dining room and kitchen tables have changed places three times…whew, kinda heavy too. Plus my studio has been a swinging door of change.

Anyhow back to the Mountain. Well, my pile of treasures was beginning to grow. Even my two partners in crime were looking a bit nervous. This didn’t slow me down….I continued to happily hoard in the 105 heat. Pay dirt consisted of dried brushes, pieces of  plaster flowers, glass domes, old tools, rusty nails, cracked tiles, and rocks! Whoop! Whoop! A piece of art would soon be birthed!

The pile made it home, thanks to L. Yes, it’s currently housed in the garage, but not for long. I wanted to create a large piece and decided a Lowe’s door would be the perfect palette. My art studio is too small to work on a piece that large, so the kitchen table has become home for the door.

I decided to collage the door before pulling out the paints. It’s a work in progress, but take a peek.


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2 Responses to Ode To Leonard

  1. Maggie says:

    Eeee, I’m so excited to see the final result! What a great idea to do a little (or… umm, big) mural on your door. Best souvenir from a trip ever!

  2. Lauren says:

    I’m so happy we squeezed in all of the Leonard art! That was probably one of the best packing jobs I’ve ever done … at least we know I can be a pro mover if nothing else works out ; )

    I’m so excited for you to finish this giant piece. Please share updates as you go along. I have a feeling it will be on display in your living room before long.

    xo, L

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