Coming Soon…

I had to giggle when I opened email yesterday and saw my art studio staring back at me. I thought, “gosh that looks familiar”, and then I realized it’s where I work! Take a peek at the upcoming winter Studios Magazine which will be feature my studio. I love this magazine, it jam-packed with tons of creative storage and decorating ideas. I love to browse through it and ooh and aah over the fabulous work spaces…too much fun!

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2 Responses to Coming Soon…

  1. Hi Cindy, I’ve been behind on my blog visits and when I visited one today belonging to an artist from Mexico, there was a link to the Studios article…and there you were!! Such a small world, isn’t it? Congratulations on such fun exposure!! Your studio definitely deserves it!

    • Hi Sarah~
      How funny is that! Love when the planet tosses out a synchronistic surprise….too much fun huh?! Hope you’re well sweet friend….I start a new clinical study drug in a couple of weeks…we’ll have to chat soon and catch up on things.
      You’re in my heART and prayers~

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