Emma’s Senior Pics

Our family is blessed to have Lauren in our lives. L. is a dear friend who has a heart bigger than Texas, gorgeous blue eyes, a contagious laugh, and a knack for making people feel comfortable. She’s not only a talented writer, she’s also an amazing photographer. Her unique photos evoke emotion while transporting you to wherever she is. She shoots quietly and with thought, and manages to capture the essence of life. She sees things the rest of us often miss. Lauren has taught me to tune into life’s subtleties and embrace my own photo style. Check out Lauren’s work and get lost in her magic.

We feel blessed that Lauren offered to take my daughter’s senior pictures. Emma is 17 years old, loves horses, has an awesome sense of humor, stands up for the little guy, hates to clean her room, and fills my soul with endless joy. My heart melted when I first saw these photos, truly a treasure that I will forever cherish…thank you L.


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8 Responses to Emma’s Senior Pics

  1. Brenda Bliss says:

    Oh my goodness–she is beautiful!! We had Makena’s pictures taken this past summer at the capitol in Sacramento!! I have missed you!! So glad I found you again. We MUST get together next time I am in Sac!!!

  2. Shelly says:

    What beautiful photos! What a beautiful young lady! I love them.
    Auntie Shelly

  3. Maggie says:

    I just adore these pictures, and Emma is just so beautiful! I like that you can see the sass and confidence in her eyes. The first time I saw them, I was like “I wish my senior portraits were that cute!”

  4. Kristy Hughes says:

    That first picture where the hat is low on her forehead looks just like you at 18. She is beautiful and it is clear you enjoy every minute you spend with her. What a blessing daughters are. We are heading to San Luis Obispo this weekend to see Mac for the first time since she left home in September. It is the longest we have ever been separated. Thank God for the cell phone. I hope that Emma enjoys her senior year immensely and so do you!

  5. Lauren says:

    Wow, such sweet words, C. I’m just as blessed to have you guys as my second family, and I love watching you both get excited about your cameras. I’m so glad you and Emma enjoy the photos; she’s a beautiful girl and I’ve loved watching her find her way. Let’s do more!
    Love y’all bunches! L

  6. annie says:

    Your tribute to your friend is so heartfelt. Her photos of your daughter return the tribute tenfold.

  7. Ingrid Gans says:

    Stunning photos of a stunning girl. What an immense blessing.

    • Thanks Ingrid~ Emma makes me laugh harder than anyone on the planet and is truly a lovely person. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂 Hope you’re doing well, you are always in my prayers. Love~ CIndy CINDY DELUZ mixed-media artist “art that makes the heart smile” http://www.cindydeluz.com anartsychick.wordpress.com


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