Battle Of The Taco Trucks

I’ve been wanting to post these shots forever, and I’m finally getting around to it. Over the summer Lauren invited me to join her and a few friends on a local foodie adventure. Lodi was having its annual taco truck competition, and we were game for spicy fare.

I have to be totally honest, I’ve never been a fan of taco trucks. They scare me. I’m a clean freak borderline germ phob who inspects meals before digging in. I tend to shy away from buffets, carnival food booths, and pot lucks. Food cooked on the fly, brings out my inner Howard Hughes.

However that day I was particularly brave and decided to throw caution to the wind. On top of everything else, I was only five months post weight loss surgery. I had visions of my dainty pouch going into salsa shock. Eeek!

Well, I can now say I’m officially a convert and bow to taco trucks everywhere. These yummy tacos rocked! When we first arrived my fellow food warriors and I split up.We each purchased three tacos from different trucks and met at a large table in the center of the square. These peeps were real pros and I watched and learned. They scribbled the name of the each truck on the paper plates before we dove in. We all then proceeded to munch, chew, ooh, and aah. We morphed into food critics and discussed the sweet and savory spices in each delectable taco. I’m pretty sure we all agreed on the “best” one and proceeded to toss our tickets in the box located in front of our favorite truck.

It was a really fun day. The best parts were: my tummy didn’t go on strike and I got to meet a group of awesome new people! Count me in for next year.

Tasted as good as it looks!

I love taking shots of strangers....thought I was sly.

Guess not! I was busted…three good sports!

Foodie Warriors Unite!

Grant was in taco heaven : )

They're as sweet as they look!

Tats and tacos seem to go together.

Val my new pal.

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