The Beauty Of Higher Education

Recently my daughter Emma and I took a lovely stroll on the campus of University of the Pacific. She had a photo assignment due, and we both agreed the nearby college would be the perfect location to shoot tall trees. We certainly found trees….and a whole lot more. I’m crazy in love with roses (my daughter’s middle name is Rose), and the campus boasts one of the prettiest rose gardens I’ve ever come across. I was trying to spy the resident landscape fella in hopes of getting some tips on rose growing. No luck.

It was a quiet day and the air was warm and soothing. I secretly watched my daughter click her Canon as she looked at ease on this gorgeous campus. My heart fluttered a bit thinking about her starting college soon. She looked as if she fit right in, which suddenly made me want to smile and cry at the same time. It seemed like yesterday I was dropping her off at grade school.

I suppose I’m like most moms and have a myriad of feelings attached to my baby graduating high school. It’s an overwhelming sense of pride mixed with concern, trepidation, excitement, joy, and sadness. Whew, life continues to make us grow whether we’re ready or not. I’m grateful for my faith in the universal plan and for also remembering to trust the journey. I know our job as dedicated parents is to prepare our beloved children for a life of independence….I just didn’t think it would sneak up on me this fast.

Please enjoy the following pics of UOP’s peaceful campus.

This is babe in the woods. I think her wheels were turning too.

Great place to stretch out on the lawn.

New life and hearts seem to go together.

We pretended we were on the east coast...okay I did.

This handy bench-thingy rocked!

A place that grows minds and plants.

A real in every crowd.

A scholarly door.

Brick! I love brick! Pane windows too!

A Diva-ette....not quite as showy as the Yellow Rose of Texas.

Room with a view.

Was hoping I might see Forrest...not Whitaker, but Gump.

A flutterby, my lucky day!

Siamese roses.

Gotta love a water-feature.

Snug as a bug in a rug...I mean rose.

Two buds chillin'.

Dreamy huh?

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9 Responses to The Beauty Of Higher Education

  1. Maggie says:

    I love that last photo love! Makes me think of a wonderful tropical oasis!

  2. FreedBird says:

    I couldn’t help but think about my mom while reading your post. My middle name is Rose as well and I graduated in 2010. I know my mom felt the same way as you, but I think the strongest moms are the ones who are so supportive. Since then I’ve been to 9 countries and some of them I’ve been to twice and now I’m embarking on my college journey. Thanks for sharing. I wish you and your daughter the best for the new year!

    • Sweet Emily~
      So glad you found my blog…..I also took a lovely trip through yours and I’m officially smitten with your life. I’m sure your Mama is so very proud of you. It’s awesome to see a young woman experiencing life in such a full way… spry chicklets are my heros! Also greatly admire your faith and ability to tap into your spirituality with such ease. Very lovely life you’re leading.
      Keep doing what you do so I can keep track of all the fun!
      Much Love and many blessings~
      P.S. totally dig your banner….camels are so cool aren’t they?! I might just have to paint one ; )

      • FreedBird says:

        You are so sweet. You’re comment really encouraged me. I appreciate it! My mom is proud, but I think I mostly scare her to death half the time with my adventurous spirit. haha.

        Camels are AWESOME. I took that picture in Israel. You should totally paint one! I have to say, your art has really inspired me! I make jewelry and have started an etsy account. It’s hard to start a business, and do what you love full time. Seeing that you do it, and seem very successful I am truly inspired! Thank you! Keep living the dream!!

  3. sarsm says:

    Your pictures are stunning!! Both your paintings and your photos.

    I am interested in finding a good home-made lemonade recipe – I’m doing a challenge (101 tasks in 1001 days) and one of my challenges is to make home made lemonade. Would you be interested in sharing your recipe?

    • Thanks for starting my morning off with a smile…a compliment works wonders! My recipe for lemonade goes like this: A few shots of grit (the emotional kind), 3 parts humor (I add extra, great after-taste), a big heapin’ of faith (any higher power works), and last but not least…be sure to make lemonade with friends. (A good support system is priceless) If you hadn’t guessed by now my lemonade recipe is for the emotional kind. Unfortunately my actual recipe goes like this: One frozen can of Country Time lemonade, add 3 cans of water…or is it four? P.S. I’m a pretty good painter but a lousy cook. : )
      Big hugs cominatcha!

  4. Well, will you look at this. UOP! That’s just 45 minutes up the road from me. Are we local to each other??

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