Dog or Termite?…you decide.

On the most wanted list for destroying multiple dog beds.

I live with Michael J. Fox. No, not the height challenged cutie with the twinkly eyes,but a 12 lb. floppy mess with a terrible underbite. I initially thought it was an honor to name my new pup after my hero MJF… however my crazy canine doesn’t seem to realize he has a namesake to live up to.

Now don’t get me wrong, we love this guy more than life itself….well almost. A little over a year ago the familia was ready to get another dog after losing our beloved Cody. Man, I loved that dog. I still think of him all the time. Here’s a pic of Cowboy Cody:

My doggie soulmate....a heart made of pure gold.

We have another sweet souled pup named Boswell, Bozzy for short. We also felt he needed a playmate again, so we all agreed it was time for a new family addition. Okay, I better show Boz, he’s a drama king and might pout for days if I don’t give him his 5 seconds of fame. Here’s Boz. Breed: Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen…whew…PBGV for  short.

Papa's boy.

Well, back to my little termite, Mike. After doing some research, we decided to look at Papillons…the butterfly dogs. My goal was to find an easy to train dog that would fit into my bike basket. Yes, I have my priorities straight. Figured the dog would never know I have Parkinson’s and would trust my bike riding skills. Note: I ride close to lawns and avoid curbs. My balance is a bit off, but I refuse to use training wheels again. Figure I could Modge Podge a little helmet for my butterfly dog anyhow.

Well we get to the breeder and are eagerly welcomed by eight high-spirited Papillons. I of course am smiling from ear to ear, and Emma and Terry are making icky faces. Off in the corner was Mikey…..a cute ball of white fluff. In fact here’s a shot of Mikey in his early years:

Bundled after bathtime.

My crew convinced me the butterfly bunch looked more like bats (my apologies to any Papi owners out there..I personally love them!). Terry said we wouldn’t have to buy him a bed, he could just hang from the rafters at night.

Well I was out numbered, plus I did think the little white Lhasa Apso was as cute as a bug. Needless so say we left with the odd man out.

When we got home I began to google Lhasa Apso, and discovered this breed is actually one of the toughest to train…yep, that’s Mike. We finally have him potty trained….it took 10 months, 6 days, and 3 hours. I should own stock in carpet cleaners by now. The other issue I have with Mike is chewing. Thank god he avoids furniture, baseboards, and most fingers. He has a palette for expensive linens and dog beds. This little bugger has chewed up shams, comforters, 400 count sheets, and every dog bed in the house. I have to buy my little man steel belted chew toys, he can mutilate most toys in five seconds flat. The only toy he hasn’t been able to destroy is the Kong…yay for this product!

The things we do adore about Mikey are……he isn’t a Papillon, he has pink lips, he loves to spar (like in boxing), he stands funny, he’s a good cuddler, he has a loving and brave heart, and he totally digs peanut butter. Take a peek at Michael J. Fox:

Don't be fooled by the innocent look.

His little feet crack me up.

Looking for something to chew.

He stole my pillow pet, Honey Dew. He hasn't chewed this once!

Exhibits A and B

Exhibits C and D

Exhibits E and F

Plotting his next plan of attack.

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7 Responses to Dog or Termite?…you decide.

  1. FreedBird says:

    “My goal was to find an easy to train dog that would fit into my bike basket. Yes, I have my priorities straight”

    This made me laugh out loud. haha love little mikey. Glad you finally got him trained! Your art is beautiful by the way!

  2. Lauren says:

    Ah, so many exhibits! LOL. I can’t wait to get Mikey and Sweetie together. I think they’ll keep each other entertained forever. Maybe we’ll get them a giant Kong they can chew together?

  3. Mikey’s a cutie! I have a Black Lab that still sleeps in his kennel at the age of 10 years old because chewing is his favorite thing to do! By the way, I love your colorful artwork – :-))

  4. annie says:

    Well, Mikey is one scrappy little fellow. And, seemingly, an endless joy and big bag of high jinx. No wonder you love him so much.

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