O Christmas Tree, 0 Christmas Tree…

Yes, we actually put the Christmas tree up before Dec.1!This was a first for me. I usually drag my feet when it comes to pulling out the holiday boxes. I think my higher power must had known something was up, and knew I better move a bit faster this year.

Over the weekend I found myself in excruciating pain, and unexpectedly ended up in the emergency room. A battery of tests including an endoscopy, revealed that I have an ulcer. Luckily I was given iv fluids and an injection for pain, both of which made me feel a million times better.

Even though it’s been a couple of days I’m still extremely tired and my tummy aches slightly. The doc said the medication will start healing the ulcer right away. It was wonderful to be welcomed home by our lovely Christmas tree. I spent most of Monday napping on the sofa next to the twinkling lights. I’m convinced this magic tree is making me feel better.

The healing tree!

Tiny angel with glowing wings.



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4 Responses to O Christmas Tree, 0 Christmas Tree…

  1. skimhenson says:

    I love your photos. We had an elf like that when I was a child. I know he’s for sale again but the old ones are so much better, well, because they’re old. : ) And the peppermint candy horse is cool too. Happy for you that your tree is a healing one. It’s certainly pretty enough to be!

    • I was bummed because I had a entire collection of those wacky elves from when I was a kid a zillion years ago. When we opened the box this year my beloved elfies were no where to be found! They must have hitched a ride back to the north pole.

  2. Hope you are feeling better! Our tree goes up on the day after Thanksgiving and it launches our holiday decorating. I LOL when I saw the elf–I own one just like it!

  3. ania Regan Olsen says:

    Poor you, I hope you are feeing better and that it isn’t something serious. You must rest. Big hugs Ania (the one who’s scared of her own pictures !!!) Pst S. I made a first ‘Xmas’ move the other day and bought a lovely reindeer Xmas calendar, the reindeer’s head smiling and the body covered in a long cotton dress with little pockets with the dates on them. I know my kids are grown up but I just enjoy Xmas traditions and I’m sure they do though they won’t own up !

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