Studio Musings

I’ve been under the weather this past week and have been living like a mole in pj’s. I finally got in to see my doc and was given an Rx for a heavy-duty antibiotic. I’m now in the process of  kicking this respiratory infection’s butt!

Between naps, episodes of Judge Judy, and reading zines, I’ve been playing with art supplies. Here’s a peek at some recent doodlings:

I have houses on the brain from spending so much time indoors!

Wish I could grow a tree like that.

Made with Copic those things!

I've been dreaming of the beach lately.

Napkin and paper plate designs...Circus Fun Collection.

More Circus Fun Designs.

I'm crazy in love with Snow Cones!

Robot Pals Collection...more plates and napkins!

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3 Responses to Studio Musings

  1. Your posts always make me smile. Thank you. I hope you are feeling all better soon!

  2. Wow busy aren’t you? Love the fish with the balloon. It is all very cute. Be well. Best, Kim

  3. Lauren says:

    Great job, sister. It’s amazing that you’ve done so much while being so sicky. I hope you got a break and a clear head on your birthday. Hope it was a great, great day that will continue in your birthday week. Wishing you health, clarity, peace on your big day. Love you girl. Lots.

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