Rah, Rah, Rah!

My daughter, Emma Rose, is a mixture of girly girl and cowgirl. I admire her for being able to tap into both  feminine and masculine sides of her personality. She can tack up a horse in five minutes flat, and also spend hours ogling the latest fashions on the internet. One of her high school loves has been cheer-leading. She enjoys the dance aspect of it the most. She also enjoys the stunt portion. She is a “base”, which means she helps catch the itty bitty brave soul that flies through the air.

Cheer-leading has had its share of drama, which is almost impossible to avoid. Having a group of teenage girls work hand in hand over endless hours is bound to bring out a bit of snarkiness at times. However, it truly was a great experience for Emma. It taught her the meaning of teamwork, while tapping into her physical and mental strength.

Emma will be graduating from high school in May, and cheer-leading just wrapped up. Last weekend was the end of the year cheer banquet which was held at a local country club. The girls were recognized for their achievements and given awards for a variety of things. It was fun evening filled with giggles, screams, and chatter.

P.S. For those of you wondering how yoga went with Emma last night here goes: We arrived 15 minutes early to sign her up. She looked big-eyed when we walked into the studio itself (the 105 degree temps shocked her). The instructor placed her near the back wall with the other newbies. I could see her glancing at the scantily clad men in the room and her eyes grew even bigger…I wanted to giggle…I refrained. As we began to stretch and bend and breath and SWEAT…..her engine slowed down. I warned her that consuming a bag of hot Cheetos before class might not be such a good idea…so much for motherly advice. She got through the 90 minutes class, however she had to lie down through parts of it due to dizziness and nausea. We got home, ate two bites of dinner, and fell asleep at 8:00 p.m. I was shocked this morning when she said, “Hey Mom, want to go back to yoga tonight?” So to my surprise, we are headed back to class again tonight…maybe it was the men in Speedos? She’ll kill me if she reads this!

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3 Responses to Rah, Rah, Rah!

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow – cant believe this is he last year of cheer. She’ll always be thankful for those memories. But maybe now she will trade in her Pom Poms for a bikram yoga mat : )

  2. Such a pretty young lady–just like her mama! I didn’t realize that you, too, have a graduating senior. Very best of luck to her–and to you!

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