I Caught A Nap

Last weekend was one of those lazy let’s do nothing kind of weekends. We spent four hours stretched out on the sofa watching last season’s HBO series, “The Game of Thrones.” Terry has already seen it, and he’s waiting for Season 2 to start. I told him I’m am going to watch it when it starts up again, and he suggested I watch it from the beginning so the story line will make sense. I’m totally hooked now. It does has it’s share of gore, however the story lines are so interesting and the characters well developed. The best part are the sets and the locales…totally amazing. This season they shoot in Croatia, Ireland, and Iceland. I also love to look at the costumes, they really don’t cut any corners. You might want to check it out on HBO.

After being coach potatoes all morning we decided to get some fresh air and go fishing. We live near the delta so it’s just a hop skip and a jump to get to the water. He grabbed his fishing gear, I packed a lunch, and we headed towards the harbor.

We found a quiet little spot and settled in. The air felt clean and fresh, and a slight breeze was gently blowing. Definitely my favorite kind of weather. Terry didn’t catch a fish, but I did catch a nap.

An occasional boat would pass by and create ripples in the water.

Birdies on a wire.

I made my own nest.

I like this sign at the bait store.

A good read about staying in the now.

I'm always looking for weird treasures, this one cracked me up.

Spied a lot of bottle caps too.

Love this shot. Call it "The Perfect Cast".

Watching the time roll away.

Quack, Quack...or is it Honk, Honk?

Not sure what these are, but they're pretty!

I'm convinced these are wild wolf prints. Terry is convinced they are paw prints from an old fishing hound.

The outdoor "boo boo blanket".

Terry said my laces might scare the fish away. Such a boy.

His make-shift work space. Glad he wasn't cleaning fish back there!







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