Heat Hallucinations

I’ve gone to Bikrim Yoga class every day for the past three weeks. It’s sort of a love/hate relationship. As I stand in a 105 degree room, struggling to “lock” my knee parallel to the floor…I wonder what in the hell I’m doing in there. At the same time I feel challenged, renewed, and extremely focused as I sweat gallons. The thing I like about it, is how it empties my mind of everything. It has a way of bringing me straight into the moment. It forces me to dig within and find my grit. When I do find it, it surprises the hell out of you.

I’ve also noticed that everyday is a different experience. My body seems to remember what I did the day before, and surprisingly I can do a bit more. The teachers’ repetitive words begin to plant seeds of strength and connectedness in my heart. I normally hate crowded rooms, but in Bikrim the more the merrier. More people, means more energy. It’s as if we are working as a whole in a non-competitive way. There’s an unusual beauty that rings through the room as everyone breathes deeply together. A life force seems to whirl around the heat. No, I do not smoke anything organic before class!

Since starting yoga I’ve been able to lower my Parkinson’s drugs. My body has been calmer and more mobile. Today was the first day I felt fatigued and shaky. In fact my right hand is currently struggling as I type this. I reluctantly upped my dose this morning. PD patient’s tend to over think their disease and dream of finding the “cure”. This is when I remind myself to let go and practice my new tool…pranayama. This breathing technique calms the body and mind. “Breathe is the cord that ties the soul to the body.”

There are times during the 90 minute class when we relax in the savasana position. This is a relaxing posture intended to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. You lie flat on your back with your eyes open. As I lie there looking up at the ceiling I begin to search for interesting designs on the Spackle ceiling. I naturally do this with tile floors, tree bark, clouds, etc. Last night I perched in a different part of the room and the ceiling was really “talking” to me! I tried to remember all the images I saw, but only remembered a few….here they are. Namaste my friends. (the light in me bows to the light in you)

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4 Responses to Heat Hallucinations

  1. Cindy I admire the fact that you are rising to your challenge.

    • Thanks Kim!
      You are a true sweetheart. Oh man, I can’t tell you how much I love your digs…the pond videos are utterly amazing!! So glad you shared. Sure wish we lived closer!

  2. Nanette Heckler says:

    Hi Cindy, I am now a subscriber to your blog. Yay. You are a great writer as well. I am still working on my website but did join FB. Are you on FB. Anyway, I have sold an original and three prints just from FB so I am anxious to get my web up. I thought I was the only one who stares at spackle in ceilings! Loved your writing today.

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