A Quaint Town

Livermore is a charming town located 40 minutes west of our place. The charming downtown area is the perfect place to stroll and click your camera. A couple of weeks ago we had lunch at one of Livermore’s outdoor cafes, and luckily I had my Canon in the car. I took a few pics of some local sights…here goes~

Lots of arches and potted plants.

A local artist painted all those ugly metal utility boxes...so much more fun now!

I love the variety of wall murals.

I love the colors in this piece.

Livermore is known for it's yearly rodeo.

Keep meaning to buy some of these for my garden. Looks like they belong in Mr. McGregor's garden.

This joint smelled like heaven!

Another utility box tricked out.

Nothing like seeing our beautiful flag blowing against a clear blue sky. sigh...

Love this! The center of the daisy was painted on the top of the box.

All the stores have colorful creepers greeting customers.

I'm a water sign...maybe that's why I love fountains so much!

Fun guitar huh?!

An artsy expression.

Good mileage on these babies.

Drooled when I walked past the ice cream parlor.

This was my favorite box...love the colors.

Interesting brass lantern.

Sweet wall design.

The queen of planters!

Livermore is also known for its gorgeous bike paths.

Wish Santa would bring me one of these. varoom! varoom!

Girl's night out.

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3 Responses to A Quaint Town

  1. What a charming artsy kind of place. Well shot!

  2. annie says:

    I was in Livermore a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed myself so much, I promised myself another trip soon to explore it, on depth.

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