Ode To Max

We lost a dear friend this week, our magnificent cat Max. It was a difficult situation because Emma and I were out of town enjoying time with her precious Godmother.  Terry unfortunately had to face this terrible situation by himself.

When I checked in on Thursday, Terry sounded sullen and concerned. He said Max looked very ill and he was headed to the vet. Not being there to hold Max was heart breaking. Max has always been considered Emma’s cat…her “soul mate”. She picked him out of a zillion cats at a local shelter eight years ago. He talked to her then, and did so everyday after. He was a proud cat, we considered him “King of the Jungle”. He was dignified, loving, hated the vacuum, loved to be scratched, would bow and butt heads with you, had a gurgly growl, and was loved endlessly by the three of us.

After blood work and x-rays, the vet determined that Max was poisoned, probably by antifreeze. We aren’t sure where and how he ingested this, we don’t have antifreeze in or around our home. Our driveway is dry, no leaky cars. We think he might have found some in a neighbor’s driveway.

We had to put Max down, an excruciating decision for all three of us. Emma cried her eyes out and felt guilty for not being there. In some ways maybe it was a strange blessing that we weren’t. Sometimes the universe has a way of protecting us from deep pain. Terry of course handled things in his usual graceful way, which brought a deep sense of peace to both Emma and me.

God Bless Max, I’m positive he’s currently sporting a huge set of sparkly wings.

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6 Responses to Ode To Max

  1. Cindy – I am so sorry for the loss of your furry baby Max. My heart goes out to your family as well. Blessings and warm healing hugs. Best, Kim

    • Thanks sweet Kim…I know you understand the hole that exists after we lose one of our furry babies. Our kitties our probably rolling in a pile of catnip right now….under a double rainbow!

  2. Lauren says:

    Sweet, majestical, Max. I can’t believe you’re gone. I’m just imagining you in heaven, that big, roaring, beautiful lion you were on the inside. You’re missed, sweet boy.

  3. Nanette Heckler says:

    very touching! I love that side profile of Max. Beautiful photography.

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