Unexpected Getaway

Emma’s god mother, one of my dearest pals, went on a spur of the moment trip to Napa last week. Sometimes last minute plans turn out to be the best. Emma was on Spring break, and Carey was able to sneak away from work.The time was right!

Emma and I arrived a day early and quickly checked into our room. Emma is a great driver and took the wheel the entire two hours. It’s great to have a kid with a driver’s license….even though I snoozed with one eye open.

We were happy to see a Chevy’s restaurant when we pulled into town, the one near us has closed down. We had a nice lunch and afterwards browsed through all the cute boutiques. We fell in love with bling at an estate jewelry store. Emma tried on a $40,000 diamond ring and we both oooh’d and aaah’d.

Being die-hard Bikram yoginis now, we scouted out a studio nearby and went to the 4:30 class. It was really fun to experience a new studio, new teacher, and new students. After sweating up a storm, we went back to the room, showered and crashed in our big cozy beds. We weren’t too hungry, so we just munched on fruit, peanut butter and pretzels while watching The Big Bang Theory….we love that show!

Sweet Carey arrived early the next day and we headed off for a delicious lunch at a nearby cafe. Afterwards we found a mall, and did some shopping. Have you been in Penney’s lately? They totally revamped the store! Adorable work-out clothes!

In the early evening, we went back to the yoga studio for another 90 minute session in a hot room. That night we had a room service picnic on one of the fluffy beds. We all sat Indian style while we munched on cibatta BLT’s, baby spinach salad, fresh beet salad (utterly amazing!) and crab cakes. We sipped ice teas and chatted non-stop for hours.

It was wonderful to have girl time and laugh from my belly. I came home feeling blessed to have such lovely souled peeps in my life.

Two Pretty Girls!

Charlie Brown and his friends were in town too!

We got our ass to yoga class!

These guys made the prettiest omelets.

I love blue doors...red ones too!

Not red or blue, but still pretty awesome.

Emma went for the All-American breakfast.

I'm such a creature of habit.

Emma hangin' with Lucy.

Lots of flower boxes and potted plants.

A new friend greeted us when we walked in a store.

Another pooch patiently waits for papa.

Snoopy looking rather dapper.

We liked the name of this place.

Chillin' at a cafe.

Fun car pieces hanging on the brick walls.

Two happy campers.

Trinkets and treasures everywhere.

Me and my baby.

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One Response to Unexpected Getaway

  1. annie says:

    So much fun. I’ve been fortunate to have some run awayed like that too. You come back feeling so good.

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