I’m a Little Bit Country

Watching my daughter ride her horse is one of my favorite things to do. I love going to the ranch with her. I love the smell of horses. Yep, manure and all. I love the sound of neighs mixed with tiny chirps made by birds roosting in the rafters. I love the sound of  farriers tapping shiny shoes on large hoofs. I love the look in Holly’s eyes when Emma approaches her stall. I love the smell of leather saddles and the sound they make when landing on a horse’s back. I love the jingle of spurs made by cowgirls sauntering down the barn. I love how Emma’s hair dances as she flies around the arena at top speed. I love the warm sun on my face when I walk out to the round pen. I love the sound of rain on the plastic skylights.

It’s all very poetic and peaceful. It reminds me of the simple things in life. On most days the volume in our lives is turned up way too high. The ranch is a place where everything slows down, including one’s breathing. Here are a few shots I took last week during Emma’s lesson.

Emma and her trainer, Nev. Oh yeah, that's Holly in the middle!

Great shot of Nev at a past show.

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2 Responses to I’m a Little Bit Country

  1. Martin Robertson says:

    Full circle is the most rewarding way to ride. All the best to you and yours. And be accommodating of expended manures.

  2. Nanette Heckler says:

    Beautiful photos. Makes me sad Audrey is not riding right now. I miss seeing her ride.

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