Moon Goddess

Last night a white light woke me up. An upper window in my bedroom is free from window coverings because the only one who can see in are high flying birds. Each morning when I wake up I love to stare out this window and see what the day has in store. I spy tall branches, floating clouds, raindrops, and every now and then, a rainbow. Occasionally the Moon Goddess, Luna, stops by and shines in brightly. She usually wakes me up, which I don’t mind at all. She gently reminds me to trust myself and continue to tell my story. I took a picture of her last night, and jotted down a few thoughts~

Moon Goddess

In the quiet of the night Luna appears

brilliantly glowing from the inside out.

Her mysterious sphere gently vibrates

as she shares secrets of the Universe.

Ancient stories of wisdom and courage

that remind me to walk tall with a brave heart.

Her resilience reminds me to

stay focused in the dark.

How does she move without me seeing?

She instinctively understands the power of stillness.

She knows the planet’s rhythm will

take her where she needs to be.

Oh wise Luna, thank you for your lessons of light.

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