Rock Party

I love rocks. The kind you toss across ponds, the ones you use to prevent outdoor tablecloths from blowing away….you know….the kind you paint! I have been painting rocks for six years now, and I love it. I’m continually looking for fun shaped stones that would look perfect with a little paint on them. If you’re very quiet when you paint a rock you can feel it’s energy. They seem to whisper sweet things to you when you make them pretty. They are smooth and soothing to the touch.

I use good old craft acrylic paint to do my handywork. I first sketch an image with an black ultra fine Sharpie, and then fill it in with color. I let the rocks dry overnight and then lightly mist them with American Accents Clear Topcoat. It helps protect the paint and keeps the colors vibrant.

These happy little stones make fun gifts for special peeps in your life. Sometimes I hand one to someone when they  least expect it. It always creates an instant smile.

Next time you take a stroll, see if you can find some smooth stones that you can doll up. Have fun!

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3 Responses to Rock Party

  1. Lauren says:

    Lovin’ these rock babies. Can’t wait to see how they work in your zen garden.

  2. love them! your rocks rock!

  3. terry1954 says:

    those are so cute, u r very talented!

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