30 Minute Art

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on an intense piece of artwork. The kind that takes over my life for a week or two. The kind of painting that calls my name morning, noon, and night.

For three years straight I lived on very little sleep. I averaged 4-6 hours a night if I was lucky. Many times I would stay up for 48 hours at a time. Needless to stay I was a bit of a lunatic.

At the time I was on a dopamine agonist, which is generally the first line of therapy for a Parkinsons newbie. A couple years ago I was transitioned to the big dog drug, called Sinemet. The first set of drugs worked as far as symptoms go, but obsessiveness is a nasty side effect. Some patients suddenly find themselves shopping online non-stop, craving sex 24/7, or creating art instead of cooking dinner. My activity of choice was painting. I prefer my new drugs, even though I don’t get as much done artistically.

Lately in between cooking, gardening, and yoga, I’ve been doing 30 minute art drawings. This a a fun way to keep your juices flowing when you’re short on time. Take a peek at some colorful pieces that found their way onto canvas. Remember: Creating art heals!

Her Higher Power

Spirit Of The Dawn

Night Fairy

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One Response to 30 Minute Art

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow, I love these. I am a bit captivated with “Her Higher Power” and found myself staring at her soulful green eyes and each of those powerful words. I love those earrings, and I like that her hair seems to be graying with wisdom?

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