The Perfect Saturday

Yesterday was a lovely day. Some hot yoga in the morning that loosened up tight muscles and creaky knees. Then a slow-paced bike ride with hubby, followed by a delicious outdoor lunch at a cute bistro. My flame-grilled salmon and mixed veggies were to die for! Then off we went for pedis at a local nail salon…man I love a good foot rub…aaahh. I opted for bright pink polish with a pretty white flower. Terry snored during his foot massage. Afterwards we came home, cuddled, and watched the movie “Thomas Crown”. Such a cute flick…gotta love Tom Hanks. I then took a yummy nap on my outdoor swing. The cool breeze mixed with the warm sun made me doze off in seconds. In the early evening we had a fresh fruit salad for dinner and some homemade ice tea. Later I got an urge to paint and was inspired to create a whimsical piece titled, “The Lady of Light”. I was serenaded by John Mayer as I hummed and happily painted for three hours straight. It was my ideal day…..simple, relaxing, and filled with love. Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday…enjoy!

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2 Responses to The Perfect Saturday

  1. Lauren says:

    Super adorbs! Love the Lady of the Light.

  2. terry1954 says:

    sounds like you had a fantastic day!

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