The World According To Mikey

Mikey, my energetic and often naughty Llasa Apso is a handful. He loves to chase cats, chew throw pillows, and eat shoes. A handful? Yes. But I have to say he’s one of the cutest creatures on the planet. He loves to pounce and cover you with sloppy kisses when you least expect it. He’s crazy in love with peanut butter, especially when it’s smeared on rice cakes. He has a terrible under-bite, which somehow makes him ridiculously adorable. He usually sleeps flat on his back with all four limbs reaching for the sky. In spite of Mikey’s bad habits, we love this little creature to death. If you were wondering, yes he was named after my hero Michael J. Fox.

Below are some wise thoughts from Mr. Fox himself….

Mikey says: "Yard work is good for the soul."

Mikey says: "Yoga is good for the mind, body, and spirit."

Mikey says: "Take time to ponder the planet and fill your heart with gratitude".

Mikey says: "Let yourself go and have some fun!"

Mikey says: "Naps are gifts from God. Enjoy them often."

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