In A Blink Of An Eye

The day my daughter was born, my elders said, “Enjoy every second my dear, it goes by fast!” That was 17 years ago, and I now realize they were right.

I was hit with an unexpected rush of melancholy yesterday while shopping in Target. It dawned on me as I passed the school supply aisle, that I wouldn’t be buying zany pencils, fruit scented erasers, or protractors this year. Sure Emma’s headed off to college, and will probably go through more supplies than she ever has….however, I think having your mom tag along to the college bookstore is not real cool.

I smiled instantly last night when I came across this whimsical shot of Miss Emma Rose.

It was her first time to the county fair…she was barely five years old. If you’re wondering what she was so entranced with, it was a giant ferris wheel. (check out those serious pursed lips) After her dad brilliantly convinced me that Emma would be perfectly fine to take a ride, I reluctantly agreed to let her go. While I nervously waited at the gate below, I carefully watched the two of them go round and round. Within minutes my worst fear came true…the ferris wheel suddenly stopped. They they were precariously perched at the top of this ginormous wheel! I’m not sure how I survived the next 45 minutes, that’s how long it took before the ride was working again. They survived, and so did I. Emma continues to ride ferris wheels, and I continue to not.

It seems like only yesterday my sweet girl was wearing mismatched clothing, flowered hair clips, and pink princess ribbons in her soft brown hair. My heart continues to overflow with deep pride and pure joy, as I watch my beloved daughter blossom into an amazing young woman.

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5 Responses to In A Blink Of An Eye

  1. Nanette Heckler says:

    She is beautiful. I am finding that my kids are growing up way too fast also. I am trying to just focus on the moments and enjoy. I expect that this next phase of your life will be a change but you will brilliantly come up with an interesting and artistic plan to spend your time. Can’t wait to see more posts and more art!

  2. lucygrace says:

    Those Boots were made for walkin
    What fun it was this morning to show my 47 yr old daughter the pix. We are now enjoying her 10 yr old. All my girls and grand daughters love your cards. THANK YOU

    • Ms.Lucy Grace!
      What a wonderful way to start my morning! A message from you is way better than my blueberries and yogurt! Thanks for sharing your lovely heart with me….made me smile big-time!

  3. Meghan says:

    You have a beautiful daughter. You should be so proud! P.S. Love her boots!!

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